FreePbx 2.6 and Asterisk

I am using Freepbx 2.6 with Asterisk I know that version is still not released but all MFC/R2 development is geared to that version so I need to test it.

Everything seems to be running fine, the only problem I have is that Asterisk does not seem to detect when a user presses the HOLD button on their Aastra 57i phone. Because of this the person on hold does not hear any music while waiting, only silence.

With a regular Asterisk installation I do not have this problem so I am guessing this may be a setting on Freepbx that is causing the problem. I have tried adding some more settings to sip_general_custom.conf but have not found how to fix this problem yet. Any ideas?

In my version, under Tools there is Asterisk SIP Settings and under that is
Notify Hold – Control whether subscriptions INUSE get sent ONHOLD when call is placed on hold. This setting is useful when using BLF. I think Yes is the default though… .

so there’s an idea. Hope it helps.