FreePBX and IVR => custom-myapp


With an (very) old very of FreePBX (amp), in an IVR, with the option : other application, I could start my own macro in extensions_custom.conf.

Now, with the lastest version, I can’t find how to do it. I don’t know if it is always possible. Need I some module to install (i don’t see witch one) ? Is there an other way to do that ?
I just want to write my own spécial macro in extensions_custom and start it by pressing a key in an IVR.
I hope i’m clear enough.


well there is a way to do that. However, we are still waiting for you to reciprocate and let us know what the 1.6 issue was with FreePBX so we know if there is something we need to fix or not.

The specific post is:

Will be very happy to let you know then how to connect your custom app into FreePBX so you can point an IVR destination at it.

Don’t worry, i’ll find a solution alone.
Thank’s for your help.

If the only solution is to write a ivr-X-custom in extensions_custom.conf, that’s a real regression to not be able to add directly a custom-app in IVR anymore, and this solution is really dirty.

(*) so sad to use a number not linked with the IVR real name. Doesn’t help to create the [ivr-X-custom]

there’s a perfectly good and supported solution. Do a little googling, you will find that others have asked and been told the answer, or answered it themselves and posted what they found.

Yes, they posted what they found and the wonders of the internet have preserved those answers for you to come and search for, because they had the decency to post what they learned once they got an answer.