FreePBX trunk changes are not implemented

I have no modules available for upgrade. This issue only happened this week due to some new upgrade I felt compelled to upgrade to.

Anyway an IAX 2 carrier I have enabled and was working correctly now shows nothing when I go via the command line

iax2 show registry
Host dnsmgr Username Perceived Refresh State

Stranger yet I have it chosen as the only route for international, but when I checked the logs of an outgoing international call on an old sip carrier there it was. I also changed the servers for a sip registry intentionally to cause the link to do down and after saving reloading and rebooting it still shows the same old connection.

Currently there are no new modules available for upgrading after upgrading the Core and Framework.

As for something being a miss with your IAX trunk you’ll need to provide a lot more details.

I’ve upgraded one of my systems that has IAX trunks and it all works just fine.

There is something amiss with the entire system, not just iax2 as changed made in freepbx are not implemented in the system. I changed sip hosts, and it still shows the old hosts. Perhaps check the permissions of the changed files as they should be X user and X group.


You can have it reset the permissions by running the following command: amportal chown
this should reset the permissions on all needed files to asterisk:asterisk.