FreePBX 2.4.0rc1 Available Now - Final Release Imminent

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The 2.4 release has been in Beta since December 11th and the stability has been proving itself out quite nicely. With over 800 beta sites and the almost non-existent flow of bug reports we feel very confident bringing you the Release Candidate for this next release.

You can find an overview of what it brings you in our original beta program announcement and some additional information on our recent blog post on the subject, and as always check the 2.4 Milestone Page for a rundown of information and links into all the bugs and features requests associated with this release.

If you like what you see and the work that has gone into this release, we always appreciate hearing your feedback through the press of this button:


or if you have been avoiding the donate button because it is not a "clean" tax write off, feel free to visit the Paid Support Page. You can purchase support and contact us to tell us to apply it towards the management of the project, towards specific bug fixes, or towards real support issues if you are looking for a hand.

With the 2.4 release going as strong as it has, we anticipate a quick transition to the final 2.4.0 release within a couple of weeks. If you are headed to Charleston, South Carolina for the Open Telephony Training Seminar, the timing could not have been better! We will be going over the changes and some great things that you can do in 2.4 that you can’t on prior releases. If you are still procrastinating but thinking of coming – you may want to make your final decision. The training is close to full and at the time of this writing, the reserved hotel rooms are almost gone (I think we have 2 left) and you’ll end up at a neighboring hotel after those are gone.

For now, if you have been running the 2.4 beta, check your system for online updates and bump yourself to Release Candidate 1. If you need to start clean, you can get the tarball from our mirror site, see the Download Instructions. For those of you running 2.3 and will want to upgrade when it is final, you will have the opportunity to do so through the Module Online Repository but that won’t be enabled until we go final. Despite our confidence, we don’t want people upgrading by accident until the release is final.

Hop on there and start testing now and help get this out the door!

Philippe – On behalf of the FreePBX Team

I read the forums and they all say to look in a certain place for your backups folder along with all the backups inside. But when I go there there isn’t anything in the folder even thought I do an instant backup. I’d like to get the backup off there and on my other computer so I can do a clean install and import it (restore from it). Can anyone figure out why I have no backups showing up in the folder? Thanks. Matt Cero, Seattle, WA