FreePBX® 2.3.0beta1 First Week's Status

As we approach the first week of the official FreePBX 2.3 Beta launch, we couldn’t be more pleased with the feedback we have gotten so far! With the exception of one annoying bug, related to the infrastructure changes made to allow core to be updated online, there have been very few new bugs reported! And that one has just been fixed in the latest FreePBX Framework module update.

The 2.3 bug list was created by moving all outstanding bugs in the tracker to 2.3 so that we would not forget about old bugs and could address them as appropriate. This makes it appear to have many more bugs then have surfaced because of 2.3, which is very few! And, of the bugs that have shown up during testing, almost all of them have been existing bugs in 2.2 and where appropriate, the fixes have been back ported to the 2.2 branch. (So stay tuned for a 2.2.3 maintenance release soon!)

If you have not already done so, make sure you choose to install/upgrade when Core or the FreePBX Framework show up in Online Module Administration. (And if you haven’t been checking, do so frequently!)
Issue When Pulling Code from SVN
One issue that several people have had who were previously running off of svn:trunk or svn:branches/2.3 was upgrading or running install_amp without the –force-version flag. If in doubt, you should always run this with a previous version number, e.g.:
./install_amp --force-version 2.2.2This tells the installer “ignore my current version and install as if I was upgrading from 2.2.2.” By doing such, you make sure to pickup any database schema updates, or other upgrade scripts that are run as part of the upgrade, which you may not have had. This should never be an issue if you are not pulling code directly from svn.
State of Beta2
Because of the new online update abilities, we do not need to move to Beta 2 so quickly. Therefore, we will continue to provide needed updates with the FreePBX Framework module, and other modules, until we are ready with the few features and modules we outlined in our 2.3 Beta Program Announcement.
We have already put FOP 0.27 into SVN. The other Landing Page improvements and Online Update Checker are still being finished. We will work on getting those out the door and then role to Beta 2. Stay tuned and thanks for all the testing!
– Philippe