freePBX 2.2rc2 is out, just in time for Xmas!

Happy Christmas to all, Santa has come early and given you all nice fresh cut of Release Candidate 2! With 112 more bug fixes since RC1, this is looking pretty smooth. As usual, there are still some minor issues, but they’re mainly modules that we can update later. Core is looking pretty smooth!

There have been some ongoing issues with '##' transfers (rather than using the 'Transfer' button on a SIP phone, pushing '##' whilst in a call to transfer) that Philippe has worked long and hard on fixing, and believes he has them licked. Those changes are pretty much the only reason I didn't go to 2.2.0 release, as I think they need a little bit more exposure.

I also know that I’ve been a bit quiet recently, but as usual, heading up to Christmas, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong – including a WRT54GL failing which left an entire site without phones or networking. And it failed at 3pm on a Thursday. And they’re an hour and a half away. And they couldn’t survive without them. And I was there until 1am fixing it (turned out it wasn’t JUST a WRT54 failing, it was also someone setting up an access point on the same channel as them)… Yes, it was a nightmare.

Enough of my bitching. As I said above, I’m pretty confident that this is the last core release prior to 2.2.0. I know that the Trixbox guys are chomping at the bit to get their 2.0 release out, and as long as no-one reports anything major, this will probably be the release that goes out with it, so PLEASE TEST IT! I don’t want Kerry or Andrew turning up here to break my kneecaps because I’ve told them that it’s ready to go.

Some more good news with SIP Hardware, Mitel are going to be sending us some SIP phones so we can get some compatibility tests done. That’s now two companies (Aastra is the other) that are confident enough of their hardware to let us say that it ‘Works with FreePBX’. I’ve never actually even seen a Mitel phone before, so this will be interesting!

I’m going to now vanish for (hopefully) a couple of days and spend some time with Jade and Tharyn, barring any emergencies - which I’m sure will happen. Hope you all have a good break, and good luck with rc2!