Freepbx 2.2.2 timout not work?

I create a ivr .timeout is 10 ,and I enter the option “t” (t: This is the destination used when nothing happens. You might wish to have this one go directly to an operator, in case the caller doesn’t have a DTMF phone. As with ‘i’, the default is to replay, and if it’s been replayed three times, hang up.).
and the “t” option goto ivr (ivr2) [ivr2 play a wav file].but when I don’t press any key.the channel hung up.why??
anyone get this problem?

why don’t you post 2 things. First, you IVR context as generated from FreePBX (it is in extensions_additional.conf). Second, a CLI trace with verbosity at about 5 while calling your IVR and testing. Then someone may be able to tell you what is going on with your timeout.

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