Freepbx 2.2.0rc1 problems with sql

Hi, I have upgraded my freepbx to 2.2.0rc1. my server is freepbx +asterisk+RHEL4,

However I have problems with the configuration of feature codes, most of the features show twice inside the feature code, like Call forward all active, then again below it is Call forward all active. and with tick ‘use default’, nothing shows for the codes used for these features. with untick ‘default’, and key in sth for the codes, after submit and click the redbar, it becomes blank again…

And for PHP info, it shows:
You don’t have permission to access /admin/modules/phpinfo/ on this server.

For clicking javaSSH,:
nothing come out for me to connect to the server.

For backup and restore,
also nothing shows out, it’s just a blank page.

For moduleadmin,
if i click : connect online to update, then again it becomes blank pages.

Some one told me there is sth wrong with my sql database, what i have followed is the following link:

Any one please help me with this,…

The freepbx 2.2.0rc1 is stable version?

Thank you in advance

Yes Johnny Freepbx is stable.

You have a bad install or something going on.

with the amount of issues you are reporting, I would suggest you start over.

At the risk of starting yet ANOTHER version war, why are you not using the CENTOS 4.4 server install???

I am just say… You Know…

Hi, I just installed pure asterisk 2.1.14 + freepbx 2.2.0rc1 + centos +

I have the fax machine connected to FXS port, I want to have the incoming
fax sent as email as well upon receiving the fax.

Anyone knows what are the requirement of software I need to install? Like



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