FreePBX 2.11 to 15 restoration failure


Hello all,
I am working on upgrading a pbx system that is version 2.11 to version 15. I have created the full backup on the version 2 system. When I attempt to restore from the backup on the v15 system, it gets stuck at 99.99% or 100%. I have uploaded the backup to /var/spool/asterisk/backup/uploads with sftp and gave asterisk ownership. When I run the fwconsole backup --restore command, I get the following error.

I was told by a colleague that this was an error on the backup, but I have tried this with multiple backups and still get the same error. Any help on working around this would be greatly appreciated.


compare the md5sum of the .tgz file generated on the donor machine with the one on the recipient machine after the ‘upload’


Thanks for your reply dicko. It looks like it matches.


Then the upload was fine but the tgz file is broke. Can you successfully restore it on your 2.11 machine?


I am not sure, I have not tried that. The 2.11 machine is currently in production and I would be scared to take it down if the restore did not bring everything back for some reason. I can possibly test this later in the day.


You can restore ‘piecemeal’ in the GUI, try restoring bit by bit in the recipient machine (restore the cdr’s last)


How do I select what I am restoring in the gui? The guide that I have used on how to create a full system backup says to drag these for templates into the backup items:
full backup
system audio
voice mail

So would I do a backup for each template and then restore each of those one at a time?


Iterate one by one though

full backup
system audio
voice mail

start with full backup, the other three can be rsynced/mysqldumped if problematic


copy that, I’ll try this method and let you know how it goes


It seems like this is working, I’m gonna test later today but it looks good so far, thank you Dicko

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