FreePBX 2.11 Grandstream GXV3140

I have a few Grandstream GXV3140 phones that I’m trying to get to work with FreePBX 2.11. The endpoint manager doesn’t have this model, and I think my issues are with the config. Has anyone successfully setup auto-provisioning with this model phone? I tried using a different model grandstream in the endpoint manager, and the SIP settings are applied and the phone connects, but I can’t do remote reboot, set display names, dialplans…etc.

In the configs in the endpoint manager for other grandstream models I see variables like {$server.ip.1}. Is there a list of these somewhere so I can try to port them into a config for the GVX3140 model?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there,

Did you try by using Grandstream config template file to do the auto provisioning? For the info you can check on teh website:

Yes I used the template from for my model phone (gxv3140) and overrode a different model in the endpoint manager. Its still not 100% right. The phones will not reboot when its initiated from FreePBX, and whenever I make a config change, I have to manually reboot the phones twice in order for them to reflect the changes I made. For example changing a display name on an extension. I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more people trying to use this phone (Grandstream GXV3140) with FreePBX.

Additionally, when I do make a change such as changing a display name on an extension, or adding an extension to the phone, I wish there was a way I could refresh the config on the phone instead of rebooting it. These things take forever to boot, and in my case, I need to reboot twice. I tried making some changes to the base.php for grandstream phones that was suggested in these forums to fix the reboot issues but it didn’t work.