FreePBX 2.11 Final

If you’ve been on top of the online module repository then you may have noticed that the last Framework and Core update brought your 2.11 system up to final release state. As we discussed in one of our last blogs this has been a long release but we are excited to mark it final and equally excited to see how many systems out there are running it in production!

To try and go through a run down of what 2.11 added would be a bit too overwhelming for a blog post. We encourage you to join the 15,000 or more 2.11 users out there in experiencing all the great work we’ve done! If you want a first hand walkthrough and enjoy making last minute plans, there’s still a couple seats left in next weeks OTTS FreePBX training at Digium Headquarters in Huntsville, AL.

With 2.11 behind us we’ll probably be taking a short breather and while doing such, expect to see some updates to the “trac” side of the website where we will be migrating it to some much improved ticketing and tracking tools that Andrew (tm1000) has been doing such a great job working on. That will also solve the problem that many of you have had not being able to add attachments to trac tickets that we ran into in a server upgrade a few months ago.

Moving forward, the development team has already spent some time with the Asterisk developers to comprehend the huge upcoming changes in Asterisk 12 later this year. This is going to involve a huge effort on our part given the entire SIP stack has been replaced and significant other chunks such as the Asterisk manager have changed drastically. There will be a huge burden on the part of the FreePBX team to adapt to these changes and enable the rest of the eco system to follow suit!

For now, go upgrade your systems to 2.11 if you’ve been waiting for this “official” milestone and see what the last many months has in store for you!

Philippe - On behalf of the FreePBX and Schmooze Team!

Hi there, sorry, I should have said that I’ve already using/selected app_confbridge; I’m running on a platform for which compiling Dahdi is a complete headache so app_meetme isn’t really an option (it’s a Raspberry Pi, so as few packages as possible is key). Under FPBX2.10/Asterisk1.8 my conference worked fine, upgrading to FPBX2.11/Asterisk1.8 didn’t break it either, but upgrading further to FPBX2.11/Asterisk11.3 results in a conference that hangs up when you enter a valid pin. Best, Colin

I read the eagerly awaited announcement of 2.11 final but note that:

  1. The download link is still for the rc1 version. (freepbx-2.11.0rc1.tar.gz)

  2. If you cheat and attempt to get ‘freepbx-2.11.0.tar.gz’ then it downloads the file but the archive is broken.

  3. If you do a module ‘Check Online’ on a live system, it shows the Upgrade Tool as being "Available online: 2.10.0beta1.0"
    This doesn’t appear to be an upgrade to 2.11

Please advise where the elusive tarball may be found.
(Note: I cannot use the Distro as I am running this on a VPS)
Thanks for everyone’s efforts on this project.

I’m looking forward to using 2.11. Thanks for all your efforts!

Conference support for Asterisk 11 appears to be broken at the moment however - is there any news on that?

You must select your conference engine… see this wiki article:

There are two conference room apps compiled in the FreePBX distro. The app_confbridge app and app_meetme apps, although app_meetme is depreciated in favor of app_confbridge some users still notice some irregularities with the newly written app_confbridge. Navigate to SETTINGS> ADVANCED SETTINGS and choose your desired app. Your results with the Conference Apps may vary depending on which version of Asterisk/ you have installed.
Asterisk 1.8 - app_meetme (app_confbridge not very useful)
Asterisk 10 - app_meetme (app_confbridge no very useful)
Asterisk 11- app_meetme (app_confbridge seems really stable but still has limitation if using things like Operator Panels or XML apps wont work so we still recommend app_meetme)

You can download it from: