FreePBX 2.10 Beta - Lots of Credit to the team!

There's lots of exciting stuff and for those of you who follow the activity going on in the trac timeline then you should be well aware of how busy things have been and how much activity has been going on by the team over at Inc., who have contributed the bulk of all the super great work to this next and very exciting 2.10 release! On the Schmooze side mbrevda has been going nuts with all sorts of great contributions though they are not the only ones as mickecarlsson has been keeping quite busy himself and tm1000 (Andy) continues to plug forward on his continuous effort to keep the endpoint manager module up to date and moving forward!

For starters, a hats off to all of these guys who have been carrying so much of the load these last few months. With all that said, the [url=/freepbx-distro]FreePBX Distro[/url] work has been going strong as well which again is a major contribution by Schmoozecom and driven by tonyclewis with lots and lots of background help from GameGamer43 (Bryan) who all to often sits silently in the background.

Ok … enough of the credits, I just want to make sure that all of you keep in mind that this project is successful because it is very much a community effort whose direction and results are a direct product of those who get involved and help make it happen!

So what has been going on? Well let me warn you that when you load the 2.10 beta be prepared for a lot of great things and some really big changes on the “look and feel” front. Let me also precede this by saying WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR FEEDBACK! This is not a “done deal” but we need to hear from you now to affect change, not 3 months after final release! (and if you do scream then, we are going to point you right back to this blog post!)

Upon loading the beta you are going to find that the whole GUI has gone though a MAJOR facelift. Kudos to some awesome work by mbrevda whose efforts started back in 2.9 to make this a reality and here we are today with a MUCH NEEDED modernization of the interface. With that said we are well aware that this sort of change may not suite everyone and further more, with a large community like we have, there is probably NO single solution that will make everyone happy. So let me talk you through this a little bit, here is a screen shot to get a taste:

First you will notice that the left navigation bar is gone and in its place is a series of top navigations with a handful of categories that now store all the GUI displays. No more tool vs. setup tab and those clunky top menu tabs as we had before! At this point I know that some of you are probably THRILLED for the refreshing new look and feel of the GUI while others of you DO NOT LIKE IT and want something closer to what we already had. As such, I want to make it VERY CLEAR that this is NOT A DONE DEAL! The re-architecting that mbrevda has done has lent itself to allow for different GUI layouts and although we have started with the proposed layout, we are not adverse to providing more than one layout if a significant portion of the community tells us it is really needed. Please keep in mind that we are looking for REAL feedback! Let’s keep the drama out of it as we have just stated this is not a done deal, and instead have some real community discussion to determine if the resources are better spent on more new and exciting phone features vs. developing and supporting a second layout more similar to the “left navigation bar” format in 2.9 and earlier releases!

In the meantime, we realize that this new layout most certainly has rough edges and we are very much looking for feedback to further improve it whether color shading suggestions or more fundamental. Another place we expect we will NEVER satisfy everyone is the menu layout on top. That includes both the names that we have currently chosen, and what modules go into which of those buckets. Trust me when I say it’s not a done deal because within the development team we are very much at odds with some of the tab names and what should go where. So … with that said, please speak up but I would request that you try to do it in a format that we can digest. Have some great ideas? - propose a full solution. Want to have a discussion? - kick off a thread with your ideas on the forums. There is time to change this so let’s make sure your input is heard!

So … despite the “eye candy” what else has happened on this release. Some of the major changes include a completely rewritten, template driven and extremely flexible backup module that dedicated many months of mbrevda’s time to create. Trying to describe the level of flexibility you have with this would be a pointless effort, go load up 2.10 and have a look. For those of you who love to add your own stuff and install various projects from around the web, you will be thrilled that you can now tell FreePBX about those so they not only get backed up but also restored with this module!

As if the Backup module was not enough, mbrevda largely rewrote the IVR module which was in bad need of some serious improvements despite its outwards appearance that made it look like it was in decent shape. The interaction and understanding of it should also be more straight forward. Yet another major component that was falling apart from the inside out was the CDR reporting engine that originally came from another project and was barely maintainable depending on outdated and no longer maintained libraries that we packaged with FreePBX. So thanks to the wonderful world of open source and the great efforts on mickcarlsson’s part for digging up a new engine that we were able to turn into a full fledge module and provide much of the needed CDR reporting functionality that is important to most users! Last to mention is the call recording capabilities of FreePBX which have been plagued by ambiguity and lack of ability to control what would be recorded and what would not. We’ve re-architected the controls that determine what to record and what not at both the extension level as well as higher levels such as ring groups, queues, conferences, etc. We’ve also replaced the builti-in automon capability (on-demand recording) provided by Asterisk with our own implementation of on-demand call recording so that we can make more attempts at controlling and honoring settings when a call gets recorded and not. So all an all, we should be well on our way to a more deterministic call recording capability!

What next? Well first of all I guarantee you that there will be bugs to flush out and feedback to listen to so that we can take this beta and really clean it up and drive it to a real release! We NEED YOUR help to start testing and providing feedback whether it be isolating the bugs or helping with the guidance on the changes that we asked you about above! The easiest way to get started will be to pull beta version with the complete FreePBX Distro that will install everything for you! Details are on this forum post.

However, for those of you wanting to get your hands dirtier or using other Distro’s out there, you can load up the tarball and upgrade as you always have. Which ever way you do it, come help us shape this release to something that is a joint effort between your feedback and those of us and you who can contribute coding, patches, testing, etc. to drive this to completion!

Philippe - On behalf of the FreePBX and Team!


  1. Add a link to the Flash Operator Panel in the FreePBX UI. I can’t find it now, except on the home page before you get to the GUI. On a related note, FOP doesn’t seem to work, even thougn it is enabled…

  2. Add tooltips to the feature codes page, for each feature code. Some of them are not obvious. For example, a tool tip that explains that *85 doesn’t work because of an asterisk bug would be nice.

  3. Add a pull-down to block caller ID (on trunks, outbound routes, and extensions), instead of relying on users to understand the tooltip about adding the word “hidden”.

Alternatively, add that same tip to the tooltips for the Caller ID field in outbound routes and extensions. Right now, the tip about using the word “hidden” only appears in the trunk caller ID tooltip.

  1. Add a home page icon that links to the freepbx system status page.

  2. Add IVR brought me to a blank screen (same with add a backup job), but I’d done a lot of messing by then… for example I had installed and removed the 2.9 FOP Framework, and that may have messed things up.

Otherwise, great job. I’m old and I usually don’t like new things anymore, but this is really, really nice.

  1. FOP is essentially borked. The question is how far back will FreePBX bend over to support it vs. putting those resources towards a more productive use
  2. its B E T A, there is only one way to find out…
  3. the goal of the new gui was to to increase performance, as a whole, in FreePBX. We are continuing to examine our options and see how we can make thins work even better/faster
  1. I think the plan here in the next week is to remove FOP completely since it does not work with Asterisk 1.8 very well anyways.

  2. If you want to propose text for each one I would be happy to add them. Just never had the time to do this. Email them and I will get them added.

  3. I like that idea and think you should open a feature request and I will advocate it for you.

  4. Yes I agree with this. Same as option 3 I would say,

  5. Works fine for me. Just tested it again.

#2- I’ll e-mail you privately on this one.

#3- There already is a feature request on this. See Ticket 5249.

#5- I probably need to reinstall. As I said, I loaded FOP Framework 2.9 (hoping it would fix probem #1) and so there’s a good chance that messed everything up.

Does Custom Contexts still work in version 2.10?
I’d like to see this module fully supported in FreePBX as a
lot of users depend on it.

… and if FOP is no longer included / supported then please remove the OP panel server status from the index page.

Custom Contexts should work in 2.10 but I have not tried it so someone will need to play with it. The only way at this time Custom Context would become a core module is for it to be really re-written as it has lots of gotchas. We cleaned it up a bunch a year or so ago but it needs a re-write from my understanding of what Moshe and Philippe have said.

As far as FOP it will be removed from the status page and a few other places before 2.10 goes final.

Add a New IVR



don’t work at all on IE8.

They work fine on Chrome.

OK please open a bug ticket and we can take a look. We do all of our testing on Chrome and Firefox since none of us have or use IE.

Moshe should have fun with this one. I know how much he loves IE issues.

update: We only support the latest iteration of every major browser. Please test with IE 9 before opening a ticket. --Moshe/mbrevda

Looks pretty good! Takes some getting used to, but looks nice and easy to get around.

Suggestions -

  1. Suggest Voicemail Admin to the Admin menu (since it has Admin in the name). Perhaps it should be split into two parts with voicemail settings in the settings menu, but I assume that would be much harder for little ROI.

  2. Online support & Freepbx support in the admin menu are confusing. I understand they are different, but to a newbie it may not make sense

  3. the menu item being displayed is shaded. Would it be possible to shade the active menu as well?

  4. Icon on upper left isn’t showing up on the “User Portal” screen. (using the distro iso build)

Perhaps you could create a poll if people would prefer top/horizontal drop down menus, or already expanded left/vertical menu.

While the interface is certainly more ‘clean’ and the bublier look is more modern, it really feels a lot more cumbersome to operate… menus are no longer expanded, requires a lot of mouse clicks, and the organization I agree seems very arbitrary. My opinion is that most modules are very long vertical pages, and therefore offer alot of blank unused realestate on the sides… this to me begs a fully expanded left/vertical menu.

If you are ultimately determined to ‘clean things up’ with a top/horizontal menu, I would at the very minimum beg for the menus to appear on mouseover and NOT mouseclick. Just compare FreePBX w/ a program like Microsoft Excel or Word, where there is an inordinate number of menu items… you’re effectively burying all modules in a long file menu, as opposed to having (at the very least) the most often used modules available w/ a direct single-click of the mouse on a toolbar (or in this case an already expanded menu).

Pretty form, but lacking function

  • J

+1 Vertical Expanded

yay - Microsoft design! --mbrevda

I just ran the upgrade procedures as outlined on the site, and everything is showing as 2.10, but I still have the old look and feel. I’ve restarted AMPORTAL, and cleared my browser caches. Did I miss something?

I’ll download beta freepbx distro from your site, then install, but in installation process don’t ask me any password, where is a default password?

UPD: Sorry, it’s my bug.

UPD 2: But in the DB don’t exists any users, and I don’t login from web gui.

UPD 3: I’m adding user to mysql, and then authorized, but I see blank page.
This syntax:
INSERT INTO ampusers (username, password_sha1) VALUES (‘admin’, ‘d033e22ae348aeb5660fc2140aec35850c4da997’);

is correctly?

UPD 4 (Final): Ok! I was decided my problem, this is a fully sql query from correct functional freepbx:
INSERT INTO ampusers (username, password_sha1, sections) VALUES (‘admin’, ‘d033e22ae348aeb5660fc2140aec35850c4da997’, ‘*’);

Thanks for help me. ))

When I did the install, I was prompted for the root password during the install. Then after it was all done, there was a login prompt on the screen. At that point, I went to a different computer, opened up chrome, and went to (IP address of the machine I just built). That prompted me to setup the admin user, email address, and FOP user.

The installation instructions for the Beta version are almost identical to the installation instructions that you can find here:

Instruction is not correctly for last beta version. And after update freepbx don’t work, only blank screen.

This is beta is very unstable version.

What do you mean after the update. There is no update to FreePBX Distro Beta from a stable release. I think you are confused on things.

No, I update beta version after install beta version.

What did you update exactly.