Freepbx 2.1.1 May 30, 2006

I have been away for a while is Freepbx 2.1.1 May 30, 2006 the latest release of freepbx? That is what I downloaded last and I just checked to see if there was a newer version today.

Well it depends; are you looking for the lastest code??? as in beta???

install subversion if you do not have it and
cd /usr/src/
rm -rf freepbx
svn co freepbx
(above goes on single line)
./install_amp --force-version=2.1.1
(the 2.1.1 is the CURRENT version installed on the system)

to stay upto date use
cd /usr/src/freepbx
svn update
./install_amp --force-version=X.X.X
(once more use the CURRENT version number here)

This should be done on a clean install with nothing done to the system no users no nothingā€¦note it will work anyway you do it only some folks report broken modules when upgradingā€¦