FreePBX 17 on Debian 12 ARM

I currently have FreePBX 17 running with Asterisk 20 on Debian 12 ARM. I am working on the install script and will make it available for those who are interested in testing. So far I have only had one issue and that is the backup/restore module is throwing an error.

“file_get_contents(/var/lib/asterisk/.ssh/ Failed to open stream: No such file or directory”

Anyone know how to solve that error?



Is there that file and directory? Can you compare the file to a known working copy? What if you drop a working file in the DIR.

Another option might be to uninstall and reinstall the module.

The directory is there and there are 2 files. id_dsa_pri.pem and id_dsa_pub.pem.

I am going to check my 2 other Freepbx installations and see how they compare.

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The directory /var/lib/asterisk/.ssh doesn’t exist in FreePBX 16. Time to do some more digging.

Well, the quick workaround is to touch in the directory in question. That lets the module web page appear.

that directory and key will be created in the user’s ‘home’ directory when you run

ssh-keygen -t ecdsa

The asterisk user’s home directory will be the last comma separated field given by

cat /etc/passwd|grep asterisk

I think that FreePBX set’s that as /home/asterisk but raw Asterisk would set /var/lib/asterisk so you might need a ‘symlink’