FreePBX 17 - MIgration

We have over 150+ cloud servers to upgrade to 17. This isn’t just a quick upgrade path, so it needs project managing. This means because Sangoma are still finalising to production, though possible what we have now is what they will be pushing into production, we have OS un pactched from end of June.

Upgrade to 17 seems “mostly” fine when tested, if not a little poor on whether the install script ends correctly at the moment. We still have a while whilst we upgrade, where the OS is not being patched. Look at Red Hat, they can help migrate to their distro, assumption is without issues. But also SUSE offer liberty Linux, where is its a similar process of move repos. Now just changing from the Sangoma repos to SUSE might be a bad plan, but we are exploring the option.

Has anyone considered wether this is an option for them, if so what was the thoughts on such a solution. Also anyone who hasn’t, do they think it’s a bad idea?

It certainly seems like a good option being able to be patched for longer. But whether the patches will break FreePBX (very possible!).

Here’s the thing - Sangoma OS 7 is already unpatched. They are not pulling the CentOS updates into Sangoma OS for months; I don’t think I have seen an OS update since last year, maybe farther back.

As an example, a fully updated SNG 7 OS has kernel 3.10.0-1127-19.1 from 2020. There have been several kernel patches released since then, as well as numerous low level libraries: CentOS security alerts []

So for whatever that is worth - “end of June” is kind of meaningless; if you care about patches, you’re already naked :slight_smile:

My opinion is just wait and get on Debian 12 with FreePBX 17 as soon as you are comfortable with its stability. Then the OS and Sangoma’s management of it will not be a concern; you will be getting the OS directly from the source.

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I fully agree with this response. Debian, all the way when you’re comfortable. I have already seen great improvements in security and the Modules are being updated daily, this is amazing progress and faster than I’ve seen in years. I’ve been involved with the GitHub beta for a while, and the turnaround since moving to GitHub for bugs and fixes found is amazing. It’s going to be VERY stable soon. In my opinion, it’s already VERY stable.

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