FreePBX 17 Install script fail

Hi i tried to install FreePBX 17 With Debian 12 on Google Cloud and was unsuccessful
2024-04-27 04:58:41 - Installation failed at step Wrapping up the installation process. Please check log /var/log/pbx/freepbx17-install-2024.04.27-04.40.30.log for details.
2024-04-27 04:58:41 - Error at line: 743 exiting with code 1 (last command was: fwconsole ma refreshsignatures >> “$log” 2>&1)
2024-04-27 04:58:41 - Exiting script

Issues should be filed on Github[1]. You will also need to provde the log file referenced in the installation failed message.

[1] Issues · FreePBX/issue-tracker · GitHub

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I fixed the issue myself I just reinstalled the FreePBX 17 system with Debian 12.

Hi Joshua.
indeed, I had the same issue one week ago.
Happy it’s fixed now.