FreePBX 17 Exception Sysadmin RPM not up to date

Trying to install Sysadmin on my FreePBX 17 instance so that I can install endpoint manager to use some Digium phones. I’ve managed to get the ioncube dependency installed but am now getting this error when trying to install it through the module admin.

Sysadmin RPM not up to date

As far as I am aware there are no commercial modules released for FreePBX 17. While they say it is beta it is at best aloha with half the open source modules missing

Cheers, I should have just stuck with 16! Might have to downgrade, any idea if they are going to make an upgrade path to 17?

Hehe, that is quite funny !

Apparently nobody knows, or maybe those that do just won’t comment here on the only support channel still working :slight_smile:

FreePBX 17 will run on Debian 12 and continue to be Debian based going forward. FreePBX 16 and lower all run on CentOS/RHEL derived OS which can’t be upgraded to Debian directly.

The upgrade path to FreePBX 17 will be to create a new instance and use Backup/Restore to restore a backup of the system you want to update.

At this point its a Yossarian thing :wink:

Probably am better sticking with 17 and just waiting for commercial modules to be ported over :confused: is it easy to set up Digium phones manually before EPM gets ported?

You can do that, half of the open source modules are missing from FreePBX 17 and it isn’t even close (from what we’ve seen) for commercial modules. You could be waiting for quite a while this year.

If you’re setting up a production system, you want to be on 16. We’ll be releasing a script shortly to do a full install on Debian12 with commercial module support.

Are you trying to install FPBX 17 on CentOS? I am assuming so since you appear to be trying to install an RPM, which you can’t do on Debian.

Nope this is on Debian 12. From reading above they haven’t got round to commercial modules yet, this was the error message when trying to install the sysadmin module from the module manager in the web interface. It’s annoying they don’t mention anywhere how early in the development it is, it took so much effort to actually get it installed and set up which seems like a wasted effort now.

Perfect, this isn’t for production really, I have a couple of SIP trunks to my home and a few phones I was going to put in offices and in living room. I’ll hold out for the commercial modules then :slight_smile: will I need to burn my install to the ground or is there a way to update it in future?

They haven’t said how they are going to replace the RPMs for Debian. Hopefully they follow KISS principles and just put it all on github as open source and use bash/PHP scripts instead of DEB binaries. That simplifies things and allows outside people to debug and issue pull requests. IMHO, non-pro sysadmin module should all be open source. Make the commercial module licensing functionality a separate module.

I’ll keep an eye out for that release :slight_smile: