FreePBX 17 Call Forwarding

Does anyone know how to forward a call in FreePBX 17 to an External Number? I assume it is a GoSub issue.

In FreePBX 17 ADMIN you can create a Customer Destination and then apply it to the Extension if Busy, No Answer, or Not Reachable.

I did this using:


When I apply the custom destination to the extension, it connects to my outbound trunk and tries to forward it to the external number. It keeps trying until I reach my maximum outbound concurrent calls and the carrier stops accepting requests.

I need to find a way to get a DID call forwarded from the (IVR and directly) to an external number. Whatever method will do the trick.

Please explain your application. FreePBX has several built-in forwarding methods that can be configured from the GUI without requiring a script, including extension Call Forwarding (on busy, no-answer or unconditional), Follow-Me, and Misc Destinations.

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