Freepbx 17 and Zulu?

I just installed Freepbx 17 on a couple VMs and I cannot find Zulu anywhere. Is Zulu being deprecated? I have been trying to move users to Sangoma Connect but most simply refuse to learn a new softphone after using zulu for years. I have to replace an old server in the next few weeks and would love to user Freepbx 17 and not have to deal with migrating from 16 after CentOS/SangomaOS 7 is EoL in a few months.

Zulu is dead, the only software supported on both desktop and mobile is Sangoma Connect, which isn’t all that difficult… usual user excuse…

FreePBX 17 is being loosely called beta with an “alpha” tag being more appropriate. A rose by anyother name and all that jazz… The release isn’t expected until sometime in June according to other posts and honestly it will still be buggy then. Currently there are maybe a dozen people poking around on 17 to find and fix bugs. When that number goes in to the hundreds that is when most of the weird bugs will be found and some may be showstoppers. The in-house and community devs simply can’t test for every edge case or use. I guess that is a whole lot of words for stick to 16 if you can because 17 is still a ways off if you want your users happy.

Zulu is well past deprecated, it’s EOL

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Well, at least I can now hammer it into people that switching to Sangoma Connect is no longer optional.