FreePBX 16

Hello. My FreePBX version is 16 and I have CentOS, and I understand that the CentOS version is going to be out of date.

With it going to be out of date (EOL), do I need to go ahead and upgrade the FreePBX version from 16 to 17 once the FreePBX version 17 stable is released?

Yes. You will install Debian 12.5, set all the settings to your environment, and then you will install FreePBX 17, using the install script for FreePBX17.

This script is updated all the time, and we are almost to GA. You can import your backup tarball from FreePBX16 to 17 without issues and keep all your settings.

So just to be clear, the version 16 is going to be EOL?

Yes eventually, I presume after 17 is fully up and running.

If there will be a Debian stable release for the FreePBX, do any of y’all might know when that will be released for FreePBX?

Or if there is not going to be a stable release?

We understand that CentOS version is going to be EOL on June 30.

FreePBX 17 is GA on June 30.

Not sure where you get that date but here is a blog post from yesterday announcing RC1: FreePBX 17 - Release Candidate 1 | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

I got it from running the Beta for months now testing it, and talking with the open-source developer community. GA was supposed to be June 30, Looks like they changed that to be RC1 after the meeting this morning. But the original plan was GA for June 30. That was from dev even less than a week ago. or I should say looks like that was recently decided.

Ahh, I see. This blog was talking about GA by end of June FreePBX 17 Progress Update | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring as well. Looks like plans did change.

Yes. I was unaware until recently, as well (When you said it ha ha ha). I had been talking with Kapil not long ago and it seemed like everything was still on track for the June 30 GA. The funny thing is, in the General Webinar this morning, I heard them say they wanted to do a couple of RCs, but I kind of ignored it, not thinking they meant they were going to do that and delay a bit. Which is fine, it will just lead to more stability. I was just hoping to go Prod Sooner.

Historically 2 versions are maintained.

Current gets fully maintained
Current - 1 gets backpirtes fixes if they cleanly apply and security updates.
Current - 2 goes EOL.

So when 17 releases in theory 16 will go security only and 15 will be EOL.

Also remember there are 2 different products.

“The distro” which is about to be EOL and then FreePBX the open source project which is what these versions apply to. FreePBX 15/16/17 can be run on any linux/bsd platform that can meet the prerequisites. It is independent and in GPL form can run without any extra Sangoma stuff

Thanks, James.