FreePBX 16 SSL Cert and Protocol issues

The PBX lost power and when it came back up I had an issue with GUI access. I can SSH into the machine with no issue. After attempting to restart httpd processes I am getting an error. Could not navigate to GUI by DNS or IP. I renamed the ssl conf file to ssl.conf.old and restart httpd, this gets me to the GUI and able to login. LetsEncrypt SSL Cert was still valid, attempted to renew, nothing changed. Deleted cert made new one. When to Admin/System Admin/HTTPS Setup. Attempted to install new cert, get an Ajax broken error with apache. deleted new ssl.conf file, restared httpd and back to GUI access. Upon looking at the HTTPS Setup, I see the Protocol section and “ALL” is disabled and only TLSv1.2 is enabled. When attempting to set ALL to Enabled and Disable SSLv3, save restart Apache I get the same Ajax broken error. I am stuck in a loop of no SSL Cert and only have GUI access by IP at this point.

What do your ports look like in Admin->System Admin->Port Management? Is Let’s Encrypt set for port 80?

Set this way for Sangoma Connect phone app, which is not working due to the SSL Cert not working at the moment. The ports where set the advised install/setup guide for using Sangoma Connect. I have not tried to make any changes here since this issue started yesterday.

Change Admin to port 8080 and then LetsEncrypt to port 80. That should get your certificate updated.

Thank you that did fix the issue. I was able to re-install the SSL cert and https is now working. Should I change the protocol back to the default settings?

Wouldn’t hurt. I don’t change those settings so I don’t know what affect they would have.

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