FreePBX 16 - PHP 8 support


Is FreePBX compatible with PHP 8? Has anyone tested FreePBX 16 with PHP8 ?
PHP 7.4 has been EOL for while now and any VA test would flag it.

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A lot of components in FreePBX have been EOL and EOS for some time. At this point, no one knows what direction Sangoma will take, if any, to modernize FreePBX. The death of CentOS and Red Hat changing the business model has created a lot of concern so I don’t believe any business decision has been made by Sangoma.

See more discussion in this thread: Centos - It's

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I believe some community members were looking at php 8 ( @BlazeStudios perhaps) but nothing officially being worked on in the public view. The link kenn posted has a lot of conversation around platforms.

Yeah, I was trying to get PHP 8.x on my distro based dev machine and it was a nightmare.

rumor & speculation from one of the threads is the freepbx 17 will use php 8.1.

This isn’t rumor or speculation, it’s fact. You can’t install framework v17 without PHP 8.1 being installed. It’s one of the few updates that has already been pushed into the code.

Any input from the development team?

FreePBX 16 supports php 7.4
FreePBX 17 is when released will support php 8.1


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