Freepbx 16 now GA but MIA

15 is still the only version avail to d/l despite the 16 now GA post by L Gaetz

or was that a false start, I mean the blog is dated October 1, 2021
but its only just appeared in the feed, on Oct 31.

Click on ‘view all versions’

It will take a while to get the download site updated with the change. I’ve fixed the blog date.

edit - Until a new ISO is built, you can achieve the same result by installing from the beta and doing all module and system updates.

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Will we have version 16 ISO on ftp today?

Why does FreePBX 16 support Asterisk v13 and v17? Those are fully EOL as of now and aren’t going to receive any fixes or updates. I mean, they were SFO when this was Beta. Not sure why they were included.

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Great question! We should probably prune those from the supported versions list.

And you can add v19 will doing that! :slight_smile:


Historically unless there is a reason support for older versions code wise is never removed. FreePBX should work all the way back to 12. I removed 11 support and cleaned up a bunch of logic on 15 in hope of using a lot more ARI stuff in future releases. I am now using more ARI stuff but obviously I am no longer internal so I don’t know if they will.

I will say prior to my departure there was discussion of adding a dashboard notification for EOL asterisk versions but I don’t know if that was a ticket or not.

So… is SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2109-3 the official release version or is an ISO still coming for FreePBX16?

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We will release an ISO and update the website shortly. Until then you can get the same result by installing from the current 16 ISO and doing all system and module updates. It may be necessary to manually update framework with:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall framework

Great, thank you!

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