FreePBX 16: No email notifications on modules updates available for upgrade

Since after the automatic closure of the original discussion given with “FreePBX 16: No email notifications on modules updates available for upgrade”, I have received a couple of emails enquiring, whether I have fixed the issue.

As of today, I am not able to find the location in the PHP code (and any other code) originating from the FreePBX installation that may allow me determine the origin of the problem.

Despite several updates of the FreePBX framework lately, the reported issue is still persisting.

In the meantime, and inspired by the article “Fixing “From: root (Cron Daemon)” in crontab emails”, I have done the following changes on the mailing system of the server where FreePBX is installed:

  1. Check where the symbolic link “/usr/sbin/sendmail” points to and write down the target executable file. In may case, the link points to the executable “/usr/bin/msmtp”.

  2. Remove the symbolic link: sudo rm -f /usr/sbin/sendmail

  3. Create a new script with two command lines: sudo sh -c 'cat > /usr/sbin/sendmail' << EOF #!/bin/sh sed -r -e 's/^From: \$LOGNAME@\$HOSTNAME\$/From: \$LOGNAME@\$HOSTNAME.local/' | /usr/bin/msmtp \$@ EOF

  4. Make the script executable: sudo chmod +x /usr/sbin/sendmail

I have tested above as working fine from the command line mimicking the FreePBX sender email address that I am observing in the “/var/log/msmtp/msmtp.log” log file.

However, I am not sure yet, whether FreePBX is really calling “/usr/sbin/sendmail” or whether it is using a hardcoded “send email” mechanism.

I am looking forward to the next “update notification” from FreePBX, and let you know…

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