FreePBX 16 Blacklist Module 16.0.13 Turn off Call History

We just recently upgraded our server to the latest build of FreePBX 16. We rely heavily on the Blacklist module which has an added new feature that searches for the last time the number called into the trunk. The is taking over 10 minutes to pull up the module because we are required to keep 1 years worth of call logs for our CDR reports. We have over 500 DIDs that we have to keep logs from and over 100 phone numbers added to our Blacklist. Is there anyway to turn this new feature off, or limit how many days it searches for history. We would never use this feature because if we need to research the last time a specific number called into our system we would just use the CDR Reports, that is what I thought they were for. If anyone has any insight into disabling this feature in the module it would be of great help, thanks all!

This would need to be a feature request

It should be pretty simple to put in place if someone wants to submit a patch. If you open a ticket link it here and if nobody gets to it I will try to look at it over this weekend or the next

Sorry for the delay, I was able to get the ticket created, here is a link. Thanks!

Since I cannot post a link, it is issue, FREEPBX-23776. please let me know if you need to know more. Thanks!

I have tested the new Blacklist Module 16.0.16 with the newly added Advanced setting in FreePBX, Disable Call Count in to Main Grid and it has fixed our issue. Thanks for all of the help it is greatly appreciated!

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