FreePBX 16 Backup and Restore Module - True Full Backup?

Hello Everyone. I have moved to FreePBX 16 using PJSIP for all extensions and my trunk. I imported my configuration, and everything looks good. BUT, I moved from FreePBX 14 to FreePBX 16 [], and since the backup and restore module has changed in FreePBX 15 and above i’m looking for some input. I found that the settings below for FreePBX 14 created a great backup set that was good to backup and restore everything without issues. I want my new FreePBX 16 backup to be as comprehensive, but it is module backup based instead of directory based. I was hoping someone could look at these 2 screenshots, and let me know me know anything I might be missing in my new backup set on FreePBX 16. I tried a couple of test backups but it seems my backup coming out of FreePBX16 is way smaller, probably half the size of my current FreePBX 14 backup. Maybe that is normal, but I want to make sure I am not missing anything:

FreePBX 14 Backup

FreePBX 16 Backup

Did you try adding the directory paths to the backup by clicking on the “+” ?

What I did at one point, was leave all those modules checked, and then re-added ALL my paths from my previous backup, then backed up, and then tested a restore…FreePBX 16 did NOT like that upon restore. So I think it’s best if I know in the new module world, what directory paths, alongside of the 98 modules I should add that constitute a full backup, without overlapping module items, since the modular version of backup and restore doesn’t seem to like that.

I could NOT backup the modules, and then just do all my paths, but I don’t think that is the right way forward since it wants to backup the modules in the new version. I guess my question would be, If I backup all Modules, and my fax directory, based on my current paths, would I be missing anything. I Frankly don’t know what all the modules backup, and if I would be missing something compared to how my old backup was set up.

I just found this, which is helpful. Outside of this post, is this fully documented somewhere?

__AMPWEBROOT__ is the overall path where the modules are stored. You don’t need to add that if you have all the modules checked.

What kind of errors are you getting when you do this? Or is it just “My backup before was 300MB and now its 250MB.” thing?

Just get errors when I think I am adding too much to the backup, for instance, this backup successes, but it is 8.5 GB ha ha ha. I think I am duplicating too much. Can you have a look and let me know what you think I should take out? My chat with ChapGPT probably didn’t help ha ha ha.I am backing up ALL modules installed:

And I am backing up these directories, which is probably complete overkill:

Update: This is the closest so far, I can get to a backup on FreePBX16 that was as comprehensive as my backup on FreePBX 14:

Interestingly I feel like its still missing things. For instance, on my FreePBX14 box with the backup at the start of this thread, everything is restored, including FaxPRO and the data that was stored in the asterisk database of FaxPro. I’ve tried selecting ALL modules, and then choosing custom directories to backup, but no matter what configuration I choose, I don’t get the FaxPro data that was in the database. What I’ve resorted to doing, outside of the backup screenshot shared, is I am dumping the asterisk database separately, and if I restore that after my backup, I get the FaxPRO database data. I just can’t seem to match my Former FreePBX 14 backup, and the data it backed up, in FreePBX 16. I cannot seem to capture the same data. Everyone says the seperate CDR & Mysql that was a part of the former Back & Restore module in FreePBX 14 is not needed in FreePBX 16, but I cannot capture and restore the same data with a mix of modules and custom directories now that that feature is gone.

I’ve decided for the most part, that this backup is good enough after testing on FreePBX 17, so I’m going to mark this as solved.

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