FreePBX 16.0.33 Activation Errors


| This machine is not activated.  Activating your system ensures that |
| your machine is eligible for support and that it has the ability to |
| install Commercial Modules.                                         |

Please will you expand on:

  • what exactly “activation” is including all the consequences;
  • what exactly “auto-reactivation” including all the consequences;
  • what exactly are these activation errors and should I care.


This is your first installation?
If not, then update your system and modules as well through the console:

  1. yum update -y
  2. fwconsome ma updateall
  3. fwconsole r
  4. fwconsole restart

There is no reason you’ve got this kond of issue. Wierd.
Also, you can check something with:

  1. fwconsole sa info

Just an idea like that

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