FreePBX 15 restore drops voicemail settings


I’m processing an upgrade from FreePBX to FreePBX 15.

I did a backup and restore.

However, none of the Voicemail information was loaded into the new machine.

Any thoughts as to why this didn’t come over?

Thanks - Mark

You sure voicemail was included in the backup?

copy /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf from old system to new system.

You may also have to copy the voicemail files as well, this happened to me recently.
While you’re at it check for your custom wav files as I have seen those get missed as well.

Thanks all. Yes, the voicemail was in the backup.
Yes, I got the voicemails setup.
Yes, I’ll copy the voicemail files, as well.
Yes, I also found that the ‘custom/ wav’ folder did not get copied.
I also noticed that the ‘misc applications’ weren’t copied over to the new machine, either.

I’ll post a bug report when I finish the conversion, but so far this is the limit to the troubles that I’ve seen.

Thanks for your feedback, and helpful hints!

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