FreePBX 15 release candidate blog post

Hey All,

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update about what’s happening with FreePBX 15. You can read more about it at the FreePBX blog site:

Best wishes to you all, and happy testing.

Matthew Fredrickson


Awesome job Matt. I notice no update on tickets or GIT commits on Warm Standby for the backup and restore module. What is the status on that, as a lot of us users have been waiting for that especially with no HA still in 14 or 15.

Thanks Tony, great question. So… we had a lot of the backup and restore stuff tested but found out that the warm spare code had some necessary functionality missing. There will be a few weeks of dev work plus a bit of QA time to get that resolved, so right now warm spare in backup and restore is looking like it will be merged after the official 15 release. So to be clear, we’re still planning on putting it into 15, it just may be a post release item. Hope that answers your question, and hope you are doing well!


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That’s great news Matt. Congratulations on getting 15 out. Amazing stuff.

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Updating the freepbx-15.0-latest.tgz tarball would really help (it hasn’t been updated in 6 months).


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I think I forgot to reply to this but there should be an updated freepbx release tarball up. It’ll get updated again after final release too.