FreePBX 15 (PBXact) and UCP question/issue

OK, I am scratching my head here, and figured I would reach out for help before going through the issues of opening up a support ticket. I have a PBXact UC system, and on it we do use Zulu and the users take advantage of the UCP.

I have run into an issue where some users seem to have all widgets available, and then others only a few. In the User Management, I have the “All Users” group assigned to everyone, and things set to inherit for the users, so they should all be the same permissions in general. Yet with having double checked everything on some of the accounts, some get widgets that others don’t see, and it’s causing a problem.

Example, I have one extension and when I go into add a dasshoard widget, I see: Call History, Contacts, Fax, Follow Me, Presence, and VoiceMail.

Now I go into another user and see: Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call History, Contacts, Do Not Disturb, Fax, Follow Me, Presence, and VoiceMail.

The users all need DND and Forwarding, but only some get the option, which is weird as I went in and even enabled all the stuff in phone apps and even the available options in the UCP tab on user/group management.

I feel stupid here, but I have checked everything, even removed and recreated a couple users dashboards, but still the same. Anyone have any pointers on what I might be missing, and how to correct this issue?


Are all users assigned a primary extension number?

I have 568 entries in the main directory for PBXact, and at least the users I am comparing as listed above have a linked extension, I am guessing that is what you mean by a primary extension number?

I do have some accounts in the directory that are for sysadmin, that have admin permissions, but no linked extension, hopefully that is OK?

Just as an additional FYI, I just went through and made sure any real extension has a Userman entry, a couple were missing. That said, it didn’t seem to change anything with my issue of some users seeing one set of options, and the others different (more) options…

I guess this one died on the vine, I will see about opening an official support ticket…

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