FreePBX 15 on Buster

I am sharing my install procedure for the following environment:

  • OS: Debian 10 Buster
  • PHP 7.3 (standard for the OS)
  • Asterisk 16 from Debian repo

Note: do not try to run this shell script. It’s meant more as a cut&paste document and includes a few informative comments.

This is drawn from a few pages of the FreePBX wiki.

Buster’s packaged MariaDB comes with the C connector already, but not the ODBC connector. The procedure in the gist builds a Debian package from the ODBC connector source, and then installs it.

There’s a small amount of funny business needed for the installer, because PHP 7.3 requires modules still in the edge track. But do not be deterred by this. Once installed, it works well.

My reason for choosing this environment is preference for Debian as well as more up-to-date subsystems (PHP, mariadb, openssl, etc.).


Thanks for posting this Bill!


(sorry, I couldn’t resist :wink: “does it run on linux 7.6 ?”)

@billsimon, thanks, a nice clean script that ran without much hiccoughing , (personally I prefer a source build of Asterisk, cos’ who knows who is packaging Asterisk for Debian and when ?)

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