FreePBX 15 not sending backup emails


I just installed my first FreePBX 15 system (I manage a lot of FreePBX 14)

When I’m running a backup, there is no email being sent. Email type option is set to “Both” , but I also tried “Success”. The backup works and gets transfered on my FTP server.

I receive emails regarding fail2ban from the same system so I guess that my email configuration is ok.

I checked the email server logs and I don’t see any traces of the message.

I updated the Backup and Restore module to Edge version but still no luck.

Anyone has any clue on what to do next ?

EDIT: I just checked /var/log/maillog and there is nothing getting logged after a backup


I just noticed that there is no longer a “Backup Module Email from address” in advanced settings. Could this be part of the problem ?

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Woops! I misread/misinterpreted your post and massively edited this!.. FROM address… Somehow I was thinking TO address. BUT…

I too do not receive an email either nor does anything show up in the postfix logs (maillog) as an attempt or failure. Probably need to submit a bug report.Have to see if it is a common problem from the community.

This is the latest V15 distro and all modules are on edge.


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Report it here:

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Also, it’s important to remember that Backup/Restore in 15+ is a completely new backup architecture, so there are likely to be onesy-twosy problems like for the next several months.


Just did

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