Good afternoon.
We decided to include a built-in interactive phone book in Sangoma FreePBX-15. We ran into integration with AD. That is, there is a domain network (no problems). Domain controllers Win 2022 Exchange 2016. We are trying to set up communication with AD from the PBX. When using port 389 and “Secure connection is missing”, we get the error Strong(er) authentication required. When using all other options (port 636, SSL, SSL TLS) - Can’t contact the LDAP server. Please tell me - what could be the reason? Or maybe there is a third-party interactive phone book, like poked at the user - the phone rang. Although, for now, a certain WEB page with displayed users, without interactivity, will also suit.
LDAP EXPLORER is working fine. Everything else except FreePBX works fine too.

I use OpenLDAP in a Virtualbox machine…

That’s the Superfecta LDAP config

The phonebook implementation depends on your phone type. I once had an adapted version of xmlservices for Cisco phones…but don’t use it anymore, because I switched to Sangoma P-series phones.

The obvious question would seem to be: are you running an LDAP server on port 636? And if so, what configuration do you have on it? Configure the client accordingly. Don’t use unencrypted protocols.

Hi everybody.
I will clarify my problem. The address book from the domain is already being downloaded to my phones via XML. There are no problems. I want the user to access the “User Control Panel” page using his username and password from Windows Active Directory. I was choosing the right subscriber from the phone book. I clicked on it with the mouse. And the user’s phone started ringing, and after he picked up the phone, the call to the selected subscriber began. Now, if you use users from FreePBX, everything works. But I want users to have a single username and password to log in to the PC, to log in to the “User Control Panel” and generally everywhere. My domain is running on Windows Server 2022. Other programs quietly connect to AD and get a list of users from it.

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