FreePBX 15 lag

Hi to all,

We are using FPBX in our call center. We have big instances on version 13 with Asterisk 11 without any issues.
Recently we upgraded one of them to version 15 with Asterisk 16.

We installed from ISO and updated all the things.
But after 1 hour working in the production, FPBX UI doesn’t open and everything has lag and also some users receives SIP 488 message when they call out.

FastAgi also is enable.
Server resources is big enough for system capacity.
Average concurrent call is 60.

Do you have any idea what is going on? what would be the problem?

We checked the process and see lots of ttendedtransfer-rec-restart.php.
We comment this line int the function php file and it helped a little.

Please advise.


Whoa! That’s intense! I hope you can roll back that box. Then, please try testing on separate hardware from production for X days/weeks.

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