FreePBX 15 is Released!

(Jason Sansone) #22

I can’t find an ISO anywhere, the 14 to 15 Upgrade Tool module is still in beta status, and even when I attempt to use it I’m told mirror servers are down. If this is “released”, how can I test it? It has been 2 days since the announcement was posted but I have yet to determine where (or if) this even exists.

(Franck Danard) #23

Thanks @tm1000.

(Nobby6) #24

are they using dialup to upload the ISO?
3 days have passed since your post and it’s still not there :slight_smile:

(David Shoebridge) #25

Any ETA on the Distro being ready for download?

From where can I download FreePBX 15 announced on the 31st of October?
(Kafluke) #26

Or maybe just upgrade the version upgrade module and we can use that since no ISO’s for testing yet.

(Matthew Fredrickson) #27


Sorry about the delay on this guys, last week was a busy week. The guy who’s posting the ISO got sick last weekend so I don’t have an updated status on that quite yet.

As far as the upgrade tool goes, @mbrooks worked on that. Matt, can you post the link to the updated version?


Freepbx 15 distro iso
(Matteo Bignotti) #28

ahem :raising_hand_man: :rofl:

(Matt Brooks) #29

All, the 14 to 15 upgrade instructions can be found on the wiki here:

I’ll post what it says below:

To try out FreePBX 15 using “PBX Upgrader” module please follow the following steps:

At this point you have done the equivalent of downloading and installing the module as if it had been available online.

To complete the process, select the ’15 Upgrade Tool’ from the FreePBX Menu and follow the instructions on the screen to upgrade to FreePBX 15.

(Kafluke) #30

This points to the Alpha not the final release.

(Matt Brooks) #31

This points to the Alpha not the final release.

I just noticed it said that, I updated the text. versionupgrade-14.0.5.tgz is for the stable 15 release.

(Jason Sansone) #32

That is the same Updater module which has been available for a while and still warns about being Beta. I thought the idea was to release a revised module which actually fits the “released” status?

If you want to make a big announcement about a product being “released”, maybe first actually build and upload the released product?

(Matthew Fredrickson) #33

Hey, sorry about the trouble guys - apparently we’ve got some bumps in the release process. We appreciate your patience as we’re getting them sorted out.


(Matt Brooks) #34

@jasonsansone versionupgrade-14.0.5.tgz is very much the “released” product. We’re making a new build that removes the beta status, but versionupgrade-14.0.5.tgz, while mislabeled does install the “released” build.

(Kafluke) #35

Can anyone tell me if HA is supported now?

(Matthew Fredrickson) #36

Hey Kafluke,

The release of FreePBX 15 is not connected to any HA work that is going on internally. HA is a separate effort from the FreePBX 15 release.

Matthew Fredrickson

(Kafluke) #37

Before Andrew left he was giving updates on the HA effort. Since he has been gone I haven’t heard anything about HA progress. I’d love to upgrade all my FreePBX 13 boxes but I can’t without HA.

(Matthew Fredrickson) #38

Understood, and sorry about the difficulty. HA work is still a work in progress, but as soon as we have updates we’ll let you guys know.


(Tom Ray) #39

Hey the bright side is at least this isn’t as bad as the WWE 2K20 release. THAT is a nightmare.


Is there a consolidated post somewhere of what is officially new/supported in v15 - without having to parse together various pre-release, blog, forum, and questionably current wiki content?

(HawkEye) #41

Where is the ISO for 15?