FreePBX 15 install error in VirtualBox VM


When I try to install FreePBX 15 Distro into a VirtualBox VM I get this attached error (YumRPMTransactError…). FreePBX 14 Distro does work however. Main VirtualBox VM custom settings were OS =Other Linux 64 Bit, 2048 RAM, 8GB vdi file and Network Adapter bridged. Unless someone suggests a fix for me I guess i will continue with 14.


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Just 8Gbyte VDI…sounds relatively small to me. Have you tried it with a larger HDD-file. When I export my freePBX image it has more than 6Gbytes (ova).
Yet, it might not be related to your problem. Did you Install the newest extension pack?

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Reading the error text…I am pretty sure your harddisk size within Virtualbox is to small :wink:

EDIT: I use 15Gbyte and the Dashboard says my harddisk is 67% full.

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