FreePBX 15, Hyper-V and memory

For those of you running Hyper-V as a host, are you finding that memory usage is higher on FPBX15 when compared to FPBX13? Let me explain:

The “Memory Demand” for FPBX15 is much higher (as reported by Hyper-V) than FPBX13. I have a FPBX13 VM that has 2 GB of static memory assigned. The memory demand is about 800 MB. On a brand new install of FPBX15, with 2 GB of static memory assigned, the memory demand is 2170 MB.

In both VMs, all commercial modules are disabled/removed to keep memory usage as low as possible.

Does FPBX15 really use that much memory? As a side note, the memory “used” in HTOP on both VMs is dramatically different (lower) than what Hyper-V reports as “Memory Demand”.

Any assistance/insight would be appreciated.

I was just wondering the same thing - We have standardized for years with a Static 4G for the Hyper-V FreePBX’s (static because I had a memory leak that crashed the Hyper-V Server once - paranoid from that point forward) but now I am leaning towards 6G since it seems a little more responsive and “peppy” - I am never swapping out to HD on any machine but still, when I have in the past, voice suffered.

What is everybody else using? I see what Sangoma recommends here:

Certified FreePBX Appliances | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

Which about fits in with my previous standard, but I actually can tell the difference between a 4G VM and a 6G VM as far as GUI responsiveness - I can se NO difference operationally.

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