Freepbx 15 garbled audio when paging all

I have a new freepbx install I’m working on and the client wants to be able to page all extensions (22 in total) and it just seems to be laggy and garbled audio, but when I intercom just one extension, it works fine. Any ideas?

the fpbx is in a vm, so I thought the problem was not enough resources, so I gave it more ram, then I gave it a second cpu core, so now it has 2 cpu cores & 4gb ram & only 22 extensions…Should this not be enough?

It’s a fair number of endpoints. Try using multicast, it will drop resource usage way down.

How do I go about doing so?

and is Page Pro required to do multicast?

page pro is required if you want things like a scheduled mcast page , or to assign the mcast page a local extension on the PBX

other wise you simply make the necessary endpoint configs which are the listening address and port - from that point you can define a button on most phones to initiate the multicast page

it also has the benefit for cloud and large deployments of not opening up X number of calls at once - instead it completely localizes resource impact to the local lan and the devices on that lan segment listening for the mcast stream

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Thanks for the detailed breakdown Chris, works like a champ!

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