FreePBX 15 - Full Backup with voicemail, moh, and so on

I feel like I must be missing something obvious somewhere and maybe someone can just point me to it… I just want to do a full backup of my FreePBX 15 system so that, if that server died, I could build a new one, install FreePBX 15 and do a restore of said backup. In the end, I want the restored system to basically be identical to the one that I backed up and lost. (I want to include voicemails, music on hold, any custom announcements, and so on.) This seems like it should be what almost everyone else wants too, but I can’t seem to find proper documentation on how to do it. With the old backup, I’d use the Template for the Full backup and then drag over voicemail and any other options that I wanted. But, with the new backup, I can’t find exactly what I should be including.

Is there a guide that I can use to make sure I get everything? I’ve done numerous searches with some people saying “This will do a FULL backup of your FreePBX 15 system”, but they they clearly appear to be missing things like voicemails. I feel like too many people go “Oh, the new system does all modules, so it’ll just work” and don’t realize what is NOT in the default backup if you don’t manually add folders. So, I just want to make sure I get what I need.


Anyone? Seriously – there must be some easy and obvious information for making a full backup, right??

FreePBX 15 or 16, go to Backup and Restore, Add Backup. The default configuration is a full backup. Confirm by clicking Modules next to Backup Items. Everything will be selected, including voicemail greetings and recordings (you can see this if you click the + sign next to Voicemail).

By default it also includes “__ASTETCDIR__” which will grab any configs that you put into _custom.conf files.

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Thank you very much! I had thought that the Modules included only the module config itself – I had never noticed that you could open up any of the modules (like voicemail) to see those additional options. So, I always thought that those were missing in from backup like in previous versions. Thank you for confirming that the default really is a full backup now.

Just to make sure, the Music On Hold module being marked includes the actual music files, correct? I no longer need to include that directory manually. Or, it sounds like, ANY directory manually, correct?

Again, thanks!

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MoH module does include audio files for MoH.

Be aware that on Call Recording module v15.0.4.28 and newer, the call recording files will not be included. You may have to add the call recordings directory manually.

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Perfect – thank you for the information.

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