FreePBX 15 does not record the caller's voice in the IVR

Hello! We need to record the entire call, including what the caller says during IVR playback. The incoming call goes to Call Recording, and from it to IVR. The call recording contains everything that the IVR says, but there is no caller’s voice. The caller’s voice appears in the recording only after the receiver is picked up by the end subscriber.

Advanced Settings -> Call Record Option. You prob want it set to ‘No’.

Yes! If this option is on, no record at all, only 44kb file no data.

Thats all? its a official forum?

it is not 44kb it is 44b , that is just the header of a .wav file

make sure your codecs are copasetic

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Are you playing the IVR in early media, before the call is actually answered?

And pissy to boot, that won’t work here.


You are right, 44b, an empty wav file if the Advanced Settings -> Call Record Option -> YES option is enabled
I don’t quite understand what codecs have to do with it if Call Recording doesn’t record the caller’s voice. The IVR itself is in the record.

The call goes to Call Recording, then to IVR, then to the call group.

Did you try with Advanced Settings -> Call Record Option set to no? I see nothing stating that?

This option set to NO.

I’m out of ideas then. Perhaps a call trace via pastebin

I think it’s a bug. In the instructions on the Internet, this approach is used to record what a person says in IVR, disabling Advanced Settings -> Call Record Option set to no and recording via Call Recording, which in fact should write everything at all.

Tested with FreePBX 15, Asterisk 16.20.0 using a chan_pjsip trunk and recording works as expected for me. It may well be a bug, but it needs to be identified or reproduced before we can do anything with it.

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