FreePBX 15 Distro On VM High "Load"

We recently switched from FreePBX 13 on bare metal to FreePBX 15 Distro on a VM(imported data with backup / restore). We have about 350 end points, were previously running on chan_sip and are now running on chan_pjsip. We probably have about 25 average channels “in use” at any given time.

On our previous server I don’t really recall our server “load” being higher than 1. Our load is all over the place now. It’s probably averaging about 3 now, but spiked today up to as high as 10.

This server has 6GB or RAM allocated to it and 2 vcpus. We haven’t detected any noticeable issues due to this high load, but it’s concerning for sure.

We have the codec g722 turned on for call quality , same as we had on for our previous server.

The main asterisk process seems to hover around 40%-50% CPU, spiking to over 100% at times.

We are using KVM on a Debian server for the hypervisor. We have a dedicated NIC for this VM.

Any suggestions of what to look at or tweak to get this load under control?

After further investigation this morning, I think I found at least part if not all of the problem. We have a custom table for some caller ID information. We also have a custom “dashboard” for our switchboard to use. That dashboard does a mysql join of the asteriskcdrdb.cdr table and our custom caller ID one. The src/dst fields in the cdr table are now COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci, which doesn’t match our custom caller ID table. When doing a join, it wasn’t using indexes and was very slow.

Our new server on FreePBX 15 Distro is still spiking to a load of around 5 for a few minutes about a couple of times an hour. Is this normal? Any suggestions on things to look at and/or tweak? Our /var/log/asterisk/freepbx.log is about 270MB per day and our /var/log/fail2ban log is about 200MB per day. That feels HUGE and I’m wondering if all that i/o writing to those constantly is causing some of the load. Not sure if I should tweak some settings to reduce how much is getting written to them? Also our asteriskcdrdb.cel table is getting about 175,000 records per day, not sure if I should consider turning that off as well?

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