FreePBX 15 - can't more access ring group from IVR

I have Freepbx 14.
There was ring group 200 with numbers 100 and 101
I have ivr rule: If digits 100, destination is ring group 200
All worked as expected - both extensions dialed, when digits 100 entered.
I have now Freepbx 15 with configuration imported from Freepbx 14.
Now with absolutely same rule only extension 100 is dialed, log looks as there are no attempt to dial ring group if there is extension with number equal to pressed digits.
Is it expected behaviour?

Maybe related to the new way the IVR behaves in regard to direct dialing of extensions

In your IVR, try changing Force Strict Dial Timeout to No - Legacy.

If it’s already that way or changing it doesn’t help, post a log of a failed call.

It is set to No

log.tgz (3.9 КБ)
Log is attached (incoming call, 100 pressed)
IVR entry for digits 100 is Ring Group 200, where are 2 extensions: 100 and 101

Do not use a sequence that matches the extension because that would be like calling the extension.
If you want to call the ring group, either use 200 as the sequence to match or another number that is not 100 or 101

Update the IVR module and set it to No - Legacy, as Stewart said.

I have updated all modues and set No - Legacy, but without success. My solution was to add extension 101 to follow me for extension 100 with time 0 and ring strategy - ringall
Seems sequence of ivr rules was changed in this version. At fist place is comparision of digits with existing extensions, only then with rules.

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