FreePBX 15 - Backup & Restore does not remove older backups


I am having an issue with the FreePBX 15 Backup & Restore module.
Backup is running fine but for some reason, it is not removing the older backups from the remote folder (FTP).
Under “Maintinence” (spelling error present in the GUI) I tried the following options:
Delete After Runs: 2
Delete After Days: 7 Days
None of above does the job.

It is working fine on my other servers with FreePBX 12,13 and 14 connecting to the same FTP server but not on any with version 15.
Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
Thanks in advance.

Backup and Restore:

Hi @kamilk

Is your issue related with ? If yes then fix is under review so should be push to edge asap.

If not then please raise issue at to debug further. thanks.



Looks like it is related as I have that option enabled. Thank you for your prompt response.

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