Freepbx 15 backup module missing


I installed freepbx-15.0-latest.tgz and asterisk-16-current.tar.gz on centos 8 but the backup module appears to be missing. and if i do fwconsole (whatever) in a terminal I get: Command “backup” is not defined.. do I have to get the backup module seperately?

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Possibly, but if so, it’s not difficult


thankyou the link. is there any reason why it was missing from the install?

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Most of the modules that work with the system rely on the environment provided by the distribution. Since you’re installing on an unsupported version of the OS, some of your support software (PHP, for example) may have problems working with some of the modules.

Also, commercial modules rely on Zend, which is only supported on older versions of PHP (which is included in the distro), so if you want to get more modules than the usual open source ones, you’re going to have problems.

Unless you are doing this for a specific reason, I’d recommend against using a “roll your own” approach and use the distro. It might save you a lot of frustration, especially if you aren’t an Asterisk/FreePBX expert.

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