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Hey everyone,

I’m dealing with a large PBX that the full backup keeps on failing to dump the backup file to an offsite FTP server due to it’s large size.

So I want to split the backup into a couple of “smaller config backups” such as Voicemail only, CDR only etc.

As far as I understand, in FreePBX 15 you simply check/uncheck what modules you want to include in the backup, Right? But this does not seems to be working. I unchecked all Voicemail related modules and it still includes it in the backup.

What am I missing?

Backup Module Version:

Backup Log:


Perhaps use scp/rsync instead?

I can do that. But if it’s supposed to exclude or only backup the data you select, I want to see that working first…

And you are right, It’s kinda annoying that the backup module doesn’t offer scp/rsync.

Actually you can, set up an ‘ssh’ (scp) destination in ‘filestore’ make sure you add a working key that allows “password less” connection to the destination, you can ssh-copy-id the asterisk public key to the destination.

Make sure it is an RSA key also. Which is a stupid restriction. I have not used RSA for years now.

Looks like a dependency auto add

I just made a backup and excluded voicemail and it succeeded. But I do not have PMS installed.

So I removed PMS…and guess what?

Exporting Feature Codes from restapps
	Adding module manifest for restapps
	Adding module voicemail to queue because restapps depends on it

Is there really no way to exclude voicemail?

I removed restapps and it works now. I created a feature request (I guess its not a bug) to address this issues.

Thank you Jared for reading the log and spotting that line.

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We have personally given up on the 15 backup and restore module - not after using support credits however.

With our PBXAct 13 system we had it configured to also backup and restore some additional files, and database (using pre and postscripts). We also kept some system configuration files backed up using this method - for example ntp/chrony config - however this no longer works.

Using support was a waste of time, and money - consumed a fair amount of credits, with no real outcomes.

Therefore, Im with @dicko - im using the backup tool that is built in for what it can backup; and using rsync for everything else… including custom audio files (that were uploaded using the web interface, but for some reason it wont restore).

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