Freepbx 15/Asterisk 16.6/PJSIP with ipv6

Hi. I am wondering if anyone here have setup Freepbx 15/Asterisk 16 and running PJSIP with ipv6 clients?

I setup custom transports in the pjsip.transports_custom.conf as follows:

the transport shows up when I go into the CLI->pjsip show transports
but my clients keep getting time out and no response errors. IPv4 setups works flawless so it is most likely a PJSIP ipv6 config issue… No connection attempt appear in the logs but the Freepbx GUI is accessible via ipv6, and I can use ipv6 to ssh into the server as well.

Any insight you can share is much appreciated.

I know nothing about this, but suggest that you start with basic network troubleshooting.

What does
netstat -A inet6 -ln
show? If nothing is listening on UDP port 5060, pjsip is somehow failing to bind there.

Assuming the above is ok, run tcpdump and see whether any requests come in. If not, you have a network issue unrelated to FreePBX.

If yes, double check by issuing
pjsip set logger on
at the Asterisk console. If requests show in tcpdump but not pjsip logger, it’s most likely a FreePBX firewall issue. Try turning that off to test.

I am running IPv6 with pjsip set up just as you describe. I agree with Stewart1’s troubleshooting and also recommend you check ip6tables

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