FreePBX 15: "Apply Config" Upon Log In


Almost every time I jump on the GUI in FreePBX 15, I have “Apply Config” waiting for me. Is there any immediate thoughts as to why this might be the case? Could modules/system updates be taking place automatically and I have to “Apply Config” whenever that occurs?

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Do you have auto updates enabled? Module updates will always trigger an apply config. Module Admin, Scheduler tab.

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Instead of wondering if you can automatically click apply, I would be more worried about why the button is even showing.

As @lgaetz just said, automatic updates should also automatically apply.

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I’ve noticed this happening after automatic security updates.

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I appreciate your response, and yes, I do have automatic module updates turned on. I just didn’t know if those updates were supposed to automatically “Apply Config” or not.

Thank you for your insight!

I appreciate your response, and I wasn’t wondering if I can click apply, I was worried about why it was happening.

Thank you!

Thank you for your response! This certainly seems to be a part of it.

No, auto upgrade does not apply config, that’s a manual step.


Great! I appreciate the information and I will keep that in mind moving forward.

So after an automatic security update we still have to log in to each and apply config / fwconsole reload for the security update to take effect?

It will depend on the nature of the security issue. If the issue is dialplan related (somewhat rare) then yes, it will not be active until you apply config. Other issues such as a web vulnerability would be fixed just with the module install.

Thought so! Thanks Lorne.

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