FreePBX 15 and 16 Distro based on EOL CentOS 7.8?


is it correct that both FreePBX 15 and 16 base on the same CentOS 7.8 which already got replaced by CentOS 7.9? This would mean that both are running on an EOL Distro. Is there a way to upgrade?

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Any feedback? Can you upgrade to 7.9 after install or is there a version lock to 7.8?

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Those dates only count for the latest CentOS version, meaning 7.9.2009 at the moment. The distro comes with 7.8.2003 and I want to know if there is a version lock or if I can upgrade it to the latest 7.9.2009.

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The distro is not CentOS.


Please see this link:

It states

CentOS Base: 7.8.2003

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OK but it’s not CentOS. It’s SangomaOS, based on CentOS. You cannot “upgrade” SangomaOS 7.8 to CentOS 7.9.


Thank you. That´s what I wanted to know. If I understand correctly the distro is, as a consequence, always behind with security updates etc.?

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It does take Sangoma a little time to catch up with upstream. You probably already know this, but if you are very concerned about being current with the OS, you can do a manual install on the OS of your choice, but without Distro packaging and support (no commercial modules).

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