FreePBX 15 Activation Loop

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(Michael) #1

Hi all,

A few months back, I moved my FreePBX deployment ID to Google Cloud to test things out in that world. After a few months, I’ve decided to move back to the original Vultr instance. I successfully reset the hardware lock on and re-activated my FreePBX 15 machine. After trying both the web interface and CLI, the activation is completed successfully, but when I go to the web interface, it continuously gives me the following screen:

I have tried running fwconsole chown, restarting the box, upgrading all modules, and can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

(Jack Campbell) #2


This has been addressed in the edge version of system admin:

fwconsole ma upgrade sysadmin --edge

You may have to remove the license first before the activation.
rm -rf /etc/schmooze/*.zl

(Michael) #3

Awesome! That worked! Thank you very much.

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