FreePBX 15 --> 16 upgrade, package missing

When I run fwconsole versionupgrade --check it looks good, the coast is clear. When I run fwconsole versionupgrade --upgrade , I get the following. I’ve googled endlessly for sng-php74 and I can’t figure out how to resolve this error anywhere. Has anyone had this experience going from 15 to 16?

Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile

No package sng-php74-repository available.

Error: Nothing to do

Tue Sep  5 21:45:08 CDT 2023 Failed to install sng-php74-repository package. Exiting upgrade process..

:slight_smile: on to the next problem!

Here is a guide for updating from freePBX 15 to 16.

I’d follow those steps and then if there is still issues check the upgrade log, “/var/log/pbx/freepbx16-upgrade.log”

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